Fly Secure – Elite Handling Service

Travel Relaxed – ELITE caters for a safe trip.

In the current world climate, both private individuals and companies are continually confronted by a number of visible and invisible threats – whether from terrorism, crime or industrial espionage. This makes it important to have a partner at your side who is prepared for these events and can warn its customers of the dangers involved and protect them adequately.

For this reason, we, at ELITE, have developed a security programme, whose uniqueness goes beyond the world of aviation – FLY SECURE.

Through constant dialogue with an international network of authorities, security agencies and security companies, we are able to deliver security services on demand at the highest level and can also offer you the latest information on security situations at any time – for your protection, worldwide.

FLY SECURE includes the following security services:

  • Personal protection/Security escort
  • Sky marshals
  • Limousine service with armoured vehicles
  • Preparation of security specifications
  • Information on security procedures and terror warnings

Other services are available upon request.