Private fares – Elite Handling Service

Faster and more flexible arrival

YOURFLIGHT® allows you to book a private jet at business class prices.

As a frequent flyer, you know how much time you waste at airports: on checking in, boarding, at the baggage claim and passing through the airport's endless corridors. Have you ever found yourself glancing at your watch all the time while doing so?

On an outbound and return flight, you can spend as much as three hours passing through flight processing, and that’s not including flying time. So why not save yourself the hassle?!

Book a private jet for yourself or your family as a YOURFLIGHT® member, and you'll be surprised to find out that the ticket often costs the same as for business or economy class. You determine exactly when you want to fly, get to enjoy the relaxing private surroundings of a private jet and, after arriving at the airport, take less than 10 minutes to get to your seat on the plane. Gold members can even enjoy free limousine transfers in Germany. And all that at a surprisingly low starting price with no monthly or booking fees.